Dragoon Mountains Guesthouse
Enjoy Beautiful Southeast Arizona

Our Dragoon Mountains guesthouse offers you hiking, biking, or rock climbing in SE Arizona’s Sky Islands. Or relax and enjoy a cup of tea and a good book in solitude and silence.

Silence, Serenity, and Scenery or Hiking, Biking, and Birding
You Choose!

Enjoy an ancient Southwest tradition. Built from hand-crafted adobe block, finished with adobe clay plaster, and with an adobe floor, the Dragoon Mountains guesthouse offers you an opportunity to experience desert homesteading with modern, earth-friendly conveniences. Reservations are available through airbnb.

Perched on the eastern Dragoon Mountains bajada just a few miles from the Cochise Stronghold and abutting public lands, the Dragoon Mountains guesthouse offers unobstructed, panoramic views of our mini-mountain ranges, our Sky Islands.

Hiking trails into the Dragoon Mountains begin at your door. Seasonal rains bring a wonderful display of wild flowers. Bird migrations bring ardent birders to our valley from around the world.

Thousands of Sand Hill Cranes winter here every year and, in a few of our canyons, the rare elegant trogan and more than a dozen species of hummingbird are annual attractions.

Large wildlife seen in our Sky Islands includes bear, deer, cougar, and the extremely rare jaquar. More exotic specimens include the coatimundi and ring-tailed cat.

Scaled and Gambels quail live within a few feet of our buildings and provide a morning chorus as they eat their breakfast.

Our Dragoon Mountains guesthouse aka The Bear Cave, so named for its snug shelter in all kinds of weather, provides a double bed, a trundle bed, a well-equipped mini-kitchen with microwave, gas stove top, small refrigerator, and an outdoor grill.

In keeping with Barbara and Dave’s commitment to earth friendly living, sinks and showers send precious gray water directly to trees, while the composting toilet helps maintain nature’s nutrient balance.

Snuggle into the down-filled bolsters on the day bed or put your feet up in a recliner and enjoy a cup of tea and a good book. Eat a delicious breakfast while watching the sun rise over the Chiricahua Mountains across the valley. Grill dinner over an outdoor grill. Pack a sandwich and trek into the Dragoons, including trails into the beautiful granite formations of Cochise Stronghold.

Your hosts, Barbara and David, look forward to providing opportunities for physically active hikers and birders as well as those who prefer time for reflection, reading and re-creating. Mountain and road bikers have excellent opportunity for riding.

If you have interest in natural building with adobe or straw bales, gardening, or other facets of modern homesteading, we have a wealth of information available. Whatever your interests, you’ll enjoy the hospitality and friendly environment of our Dragoon Mountains Guest House.

After a day of strenuous activity a double bed and trundle bed provide comfortable sleeping for up to four. Or, if you’re here to catch up
on rest, remember that this is the place where siestas are a time honored tradition.

With a comfortable recliner and a well-bolstered day bed inside and chairs and benches outside, relaxation with a view is always available.

Those friends and relatives who have enjoyed the Bear Cave already, we invite you back. For those who have not, we invite you to visit us here at our Dragoon Mountains guesthouse. For those interested in the Dragoon Mountains guesthouse experience, please go to our listing with airbnb.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Amerind Foundation: Anthropology, archaeology, and art of Southwest Native Americans. Exhibits feature the history of Native Americans of the Southwest as well as current art, weaving, and fine jewelry. Enjoy shopping in the Amerind Gift Shop.

Bicycling: Whether you enjoy pounding up and down rugged trails on your mountain bike or cruising pavement on your skinny wheels, you will find miles of great cycling here. Cochise County is home to the Cochise County Cycling Classic which offers competitive events ranging from 45 miles to 234 miles with many intermediate distances to suit the abilities of nearly all cyclists.

Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum: Be sure to include a guided tour of the Queen Mine, a ride on a mini-railway into one of the most productive copper mines of the 20th century.

Chiricahua National Monument: Across the valley from our Dragoon Mountains Guesthouse. Hiking, wildlife, birding and history all in one location. Before driving to Masai Point for spectacular views and access to many of the monument trailheads, stop by the visitor center for background on the history, geology, and wildlife of the largest of our Sky Islands. Drive the Pinery Canyon road - primitive, slow, and beautiful – to great birding in the Portal area. There are fourteen species of Hummingbirds, Elegant Trogon, and many more.

Cochise Stronghold: Hiking and history in the midst of incredible natural beauty. A moderate three mile hike leads to the divide of the Dragoon Mountains near the Rockafeller Dome, home to peregrine falcons and offering some great rock climbing.

National Forest — Sky Islands: Hike, bike, or drive to our nearby mini-mountain ranges, SE Arizona’s Sky Islands. The panoramic view from the casita includes five Sky Islands, including the largest – the Chiricahuas - and the highest – the Pinalenos. Both offer a wide variety of options for driving to excellent view points and picnic sites as well as mile after mile of hiking trails. Hiking in the Dragoons starts outside the Dragoon Mountains Guesthouse.

Fort Bowie National Historic Site: A small museum set in the adobe ruins of the US Cavalry outpost where the conflict between Cochise and the Chiricahua Apaches began during the Bascom Affair. A must for the history buff.

Kartchner Caverns State Park: Guided tours of living caverns – plus the Discovery Center with educational opportunities, the Gift Shop, and the Bat Cave Cafe.

Miller and Ash Canyons: Birding and Hiking in the Huachuca Mountains.

Muleshoe Ranch: Hiking, birding, and wildlife in the Galiuro Mountains. A great loop hike begins and ends at the Nature Conservancy visitor center and gift shop.

Ramsey Canyon Preserve: Often called the Hummingbird Capital, this Nature Conservancy center encourages visits from 15 species of hummingbirds. Strategic seating in a shaded canyon offer birders the chance to observe the “hummers” up close and personal. Trails leading up the canyon and into the Huachucas continue on past the visitor center.

Whitewater Draw: South of Dragoon Mountains Guesthouse. Year-round wetlands in the desert. From vermillion flycatchers to winter migrations of thousands of stately sandhill cranes, Whitewater Draw is a must for visitors with a passion for birding. Raptors, shore birds, ducks, snow geese, and many more are additions to birding life lists can be seen and photographed. For Whitewater Draw and other local birding hotspots, check out this Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO)

Winery Tours: Visit more than a dozen of our local wineries and taste samples of excellence from our area vintners. Tasting rooms in Willcox or on site provide great opportunities to experience our burgeoning wine industry.

Guest Reviews: Dragoon Mountains Guesthouse

For more guest reviews and to arrange a visit, visit our page on Airbnb.

Michael (Reno) says:

Barbara & David provided what can only be described as the perfect experience. They are absolutely wonderful and engaging hosts, whose lovingly crafted compound in the Dragoons showcases all the best that the Southwest has to offer. The casita we stayed in was well appointed and very comfortable, even on what was to be a bitterly cold night. I would highly recommend taking up their offer to have breakfast if available as you will get to feast upon some great pancakes while engaged in inspiring conversation. Also, the hike to Cochise Stronghold is something that absolutely has to be experienced. All in all, it's easy to see why so many people consider this place to be a slice of heaven.            January 2013

Brad (Alaska) says:

David and Barbara's Bear Cave in the Dragoon Mountains was just what we were looking for in a quiet retreat. The place is simple and cozy and perfectly situated for rambles in the nearby hills or longer excursions throughout Southeast Arizona. The birds are right on your front doorstep here, with Gambell's and Scaled Quail scurrying through the brush, finches overnighting on the porch, Black-throated Sparrows mobbing the feeders, and the sight and sounds of thousands of wintering Sandhill Cranes in the valley below.

The bookshelves groan with a diverse selection of titles that testify to the wide range of interests and knowledge of their owners. A week was not enough to explore and enjoy this idyll. David and Barbara have crafted a model and inspiring existence on their desert homestead, and we will be back for another lesson in Simple Living.

Benjamin (England) says:

A stunningly beautiful location, incomparable hosts! Barbara & Dave transcended hospitality to make our week-long stay not only comfortable and restful but also highly stimulating.

They have an encyclopaedic knowledge of local flora and fauna (agave, wildflowers, roadrunners, ground squirrels, hummingbirds, bats, jackrabbits, badgers, gophers, vultures, butterflies - the list is almost endless) and guided us expertly in our walks.

The accommodation itself, a testament to their ethic of sustainability and simplicity, was spotless, cool and well equipped with kitchen utensils, reading matter and peasant sombreros.

Sunsets and sunrises were some of the finest we have ever see, while our hosts struck an excellent balance between discretion and thoughtful sociability. We learnt a lot from them and can't wait to return.

As to the area itself, the Dragoons and Cochise Stronghold were a (wonderfully untouristed) revelation, by turns spectacular and softly verdant - and downtown Tucson was a fascinating stop en route. For peace, views, hikes, nature spotting and good company, we find it difficult to see how Barbara and Dave's place could be outdone!

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