Healthy Habits for a Healthy Body

Healthy habits result in a healthy body, a healthy community, and a healthy planet. These simple practices leading to good health are available to everyone.

Each of us wants a healthy body, but these days the world of nutrition and health seems to be a very technical one. In order to be completely well-versed, you might think you need to know biochemistry, physiology, medicine, and a host of other complex disciplines. We rely on the “experts” to interpret the data for us; that data can be way too complex for us to bother with!

Achieving a healthy body needn't be all that complicated, though. Here are some SIMPLE steps you can take to encourage your body toward health and vigor. These healthy habits are things that we’ve found valuable to our quality of life.

  • Eat Real Food

Eat fresh, unprocessed food. Frequent the produce department of your grocery store or your local farmer’s market. Get acquainted with the variety of fruits and vegetables available. Make friends with soups and salads, and include fruits and even edible flowers in them! You don’t need to be vegetarian to have a healthy body, but cutting down the amount of meat in your diet can help.

  • Cook at Home

So what if you never learned to cook as a youngster, you can learn now. Don’t let complicated cookbooks or techniques intimidate you! Start simply, maybe with a few soup recipes. Cooking can be a way to exercise creativity and express love for your family. Sit down to dinner with your family in the evening. Talk with each other; laugh together; plan cooking projects.

Our fast-paced world doesn’t encourage us to live at a leisurely pace, but slowing down can improve our health. At meals, slow down and really savor your food. Eat food you enjoy, and eat mindfully, so the food is more satisfying.

Growing our own food is an endless source of satisfaction for us. If you have a patch of ground, learn how to garden and try growing some salad greens, radishes, or green beans, all of which are easy to grow. If you’re an apartment dweller, container gardens can be adapted from many different sources. In most cities, there are Community Gardens where neighbors garden and learn together. There’s sure to be one in your community!

For some valuable information about making your own herbal remedies, see Karen's site about everyday vegetable gardening.

  • Get up and Move

Get some exercise every day, especially if your job is a sedentary one. Walk or do some simple stretching, even for ten minutes. Research has shown that people who exercise regularly have better physical and mental health, and live longer, more productive lives. A daily half-hour walk or bike ride can improve your outlook on life. We find a bit of exercise every day essential to feeling good.

  • Go Outdoors

Enjoy nature and the outdoors, even in the city. You don’t need to go into the deep wilderness to experience the healing effects of nature – a walk in the park will do! Get in the habit of noticing the activities of birds and other small animals, or the blooming of flowers. We have many companions on this precious earth – we need each other.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep restores our bodies and spirits; we can’t do without it. And don’t pretend you’re one of those who can function on just a few hours a night. Research shows that you can’t! Restful sleep is one of the most important favors you can do for your healthy body.

  • Mindful Living

Include some time in every day for deliberate relaxation, for “doing nothing”. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, stop and just breathe – get in touch with gratitude for the good things in your life. This kind of mindfulness can make it easier to deal with the inevitable problems and worries we all face.

By practicing these simple and healthy habits, you will find a new level of enjoyment in your life. We wish you well!

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