Michael  Sandel 
Philosopher and Teacher

“Michael Sandel, perhaps the most prominent college professor in America,…practices the best kind of academic populism, managing to simplify John Stuart Mill and John Rawls without being simplistic.

But Sandel is best at what he calls bringing ‘moral clarity to the alternatives we confront as democratic citizens’…. He ends up clarifying a basic political divide — not between left and right, but between those who recognize nothing greater than individual rights and choices, and those who affirm a ‘politics of the common good,’ rooted in moral beliefs that can’t be ignored.”— Michael Gerson, Washington Post

At a time when public confidence in all areas of our government is low and when our sources of news and social information are little more than bad theater, we have found one voice of reason to be that of Michael Sandel, a professor at Harvard University.

Barbara and I have listened to his free streamed lecture series from Harvard University (filmed in the classroom, no talking heads) and read his books, Justice: What’s the Right Thing To Do and Public Philosophy: Essays on Morality in Politics

In the Feb 27 issue of the Atlantic Monthly, Sandel’s article on the role of money and its impact on society is discussed.

“We live in a time when almost everything can be bought and sold. Over the past three decades, markets—and market values—have come to govern our lives as never before. We did not arrive at this condition through any deliberate choice. It is almost as if it came upon us.

As the Cold War ended, markets and market thinking enjoyed unrivaled prestige, and understandably so. No other mechanism for organizing the production and distribution of goods had proved as successful at generating affluence and prosperity. And yet even as growing numbers of countries around the world embraced market mechanisms in the operation of their economies, something else was happening. Market values were coming to play a greater and greater role in social life. Economics was becoming an imperial domain. Today, the logic of buying and selling no longer applies to material goods alone. It increasingly governs the whole of life.”  - from What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Money.

In addition to his books and lectures, Sandel has published numerous magazine articles such as this excerpt from What Money Can’t Buy published in the Atlantic Magazine, in February, 2012.

 For your convenience, we are providing Amazon links to his books.

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