Mindful Eating
Healthy Body, Healthy Budget, Healthy Planet

Mindful eating of simple foods is a path to a healthy body, a healthy budget, and a healthy planet. We offer information on nutrition, great low-cost eating, and sustainable food consumption.

To build healthy bodies, it is not as much the number of calories we take in every day, but the quality of those calories. A glance at statistics on eating-related health problems is enough to make us take a long, hard look at what we are eating ourselves and feeding our children. We can do something about obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related health problems.

By going beyond recipes to an understanding of the nutritional value of simple foods, preparing simple and healthy meals is easy. Barbara offers a series of suggestions about food relationships that make cooking accessible to nearly everyone and healthy meals available in minutes. Our health and the health of our families will improve through mindful eating.

One of the real beauties of eating simple, wholesome food is the potential for saving money. What a good idea!

Barbara’s suggestions for simple meals call for readily available basic foods. You don’t need recipes from TV chefs with expensive, exotic ingredients to eat wholesome meals.

On the other hand, with the ready availability of good food that is both economical and easy to prepare, it is no longer necessary to get quick and inexpensive calories through fast food chains. Mindful eating that is a result of mindful cooking is a recipe for good quality living.

We invite you to compare the cost of animal protein to vegetable protein next time you shop.

Want more ideas about developing an intuitive approach to healthy living? Check out Stacie's site. It's all about simple, intuitive guidelines to good eating.

Also, as simple living becomes a habit, good food might well be available just outside your door, in your garden. Great healthy food doesn’t come better or more economically than that. Our section on gardening can help you plan a personally grown source of wonderful vegetables that can feed your family from a small space. Get the whole family involved and enjoy the process.

As eating mindfully with simple foods becomes an integral part of your family’s lifestyle, you will be helping to heal an ailing planet. By avoiding factory farm products, you can avoid abetting the inhumane treatment of animals by either switching to a diet that is primarily plants, or by buying local, range-fed meat.

Buying locally, whatever the food, is a great way to help heal the planet. By reducing the distance food travels, toxic emissions are reduced and less of our rapidly disappearing fossil fuel reserve is used.

According to World Watch, depending on where you live in the USA, your food could travel from 1500 to 2500 miles to reach your table from the farm or orchard. The wasted fuel and unnecessary emissions can be stopped.

A number of organizations and options, from community supported agriculture (CSA) to farmer’s markets, make fresh food available with minimal damage to our world. Local Harvest and Locavores.com are just two of the directories that can lead you to local, fresh, wholesome food near you.

This picture is from Richcrest Farms, near our home. Details can be found in Local Harvest or Farm Visit.

We invite you to explore the pages listed below to learn more about the fine art of Mindful Eating.

Locavore Eating – Learn how our current farm system results in food that "travels the world" and how to change it.

Factory Farming – Farming at gigantic scale creates more problems than it solves. Find out how people are challenging the factory farm system worldwide.

Sustainable Eating – The issues around food production are connected with global climate change, depletion of water supplies, and pollution of our environment and our bodies. How do we make good decisions?

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