Urban Homesteading
Simple Living in the City

Urban homesteading offers you inexpensive, home-grown food and so much more. Learn container gardening, raised garden beds, backyard poultry, and urban composting.

Beyond the opportunity to eat great food at low cost from your urban homestead, you can enjoy the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are helping heal the planet.

Learn to be a locavore. The food that you grow and the food that you purchase from your local farmers market or CSA is not transported for hundreds or thousands miles by ship, airplane, or truck to get to your table. The savings in fossil fuel and the reduction in pollution helps to heal mother earth and helps build a strong community.

Simple Living in the City

When we moved to Tucson from our country home in Minnesota, leaving behind a large kitchen garden, we had to make some real adjustments. We were used to enjoying healthy food at low cost.

Supermarket costs, especially for organic food, gave us some serious sticker shock. We made the commitment to growing what we could and buying as much as possible from farmers markets.

Adjusting to gardening in an urban environment in a very different growing zone meant making allowances for shade, water, soil, and space, concerns we never felt in Minnesota.

We found that successful gardening can happen whether in a hot, dry urban environment or on a North Country rural acreage. A surprising amount of food can be grown in one small garden. Beans, tomatoes, peppers, greens, and kitchen herbs are a few great examples of an abundant source of home grown food accessible in your urban garden.

Learning how to successfully convert lawn trimmings, kitchen scraps, and other organic material to compost can help enrich your garden without spending money on fertilizer or soil enhancements.

For those who enjoy animal protein, consider raising backyard poultry, rabbits, or goats. Many cities have zoning ordinances that permit the raising of a limited number of backyard chickens. Some permit raising goats and other small animals. Plans for DIY small animal care are easy to find or, if you are not a builder, kits and ready-to-use coops for small flocks are widely available.

Before you start building a pen or coop, check your local ordinances.

Homesteading Tips and Techniques

Enjoy tips and techniques for Urban Homesteading in the following pages:

Container Gardening From ceramic pots to wooden crates, creating a beautiful and productive garden with containers will reward you with flowers, herbs, and fresh vegetables.

Urban Composting – Use your organic waste – kitchen scraps, lawn trimmings, clippings, etc. – to enrich your garden, not burden your landfill.

Become a Locavore – Learn the many benefits of buying locally, whether you are purchasing food, clothes, or services. Save money, strengthen your community, and help heal the planet. We offer maps and information about farmers markets, Locavore activities, CSAs, and more.

Backyard Poultry – Many communities permit raising a limited number of animals – poultry, rabbits, and the like – within the city limits. Find resources for coops, pens, and animal husbandry.

Healing the Planet – Discover ways in which you can save money, save water, save energy, reduce pollution, and generally contribute to the wellness of our planet.

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